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Green Building Technology

A green choice

EN: With a CO2 neutral concrete and rebar, sourced from natural materails we can proudly present a green choice to building a concrete foundation. Contact us for more information.

DE: Mit einem CO2-neutralen Beton und Bewehrungsstahl aus natürlichen Materialien können wir stolz eine umweltfreundliche Wahl für den Bau eines Betonfundaments präsentieren. Kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen.

FR : Avec un béton et des barres d'armature neutres en CO2, provenant de matériaux naturels, nous pouvons fièrement présenter un choix écologique pour la construction d'une fondation en béton. Contactez-nous pour plus d'informations.

SwissRebar Product Data Comparision TensileStrength

Diameter(mm):    6         8         10        12        16


Strenght(kN):       28       43        74       113       154   

Steel rebar:

Strenght(kN):       12        18         28       40       72


Twice as strong as steel rebar

Tree times lighter than steel

Competitive price, lower transports


Non-corrosive CAN/CSA S806-02

Data Ecology 

Natural product, upcycled basalt rebar, Harmless

Main content: SiO2, Fe2O3

Properties SwissRebar

Diameter(mm):  4, 6,  8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30 

Carbon emissions 

SwissRebar: 3kg/ton

Steel: 8kg/ton

Glasfiber: 56kg/ton

Human benefits

Lighter weight - easier for workers.

Easier to cut, no danger of sparks, fire.

Faster and healthier to build with.

from our projects

Our civil engineers calculate every unique project structure and make plans and material lists.

All material is produced according to our civil engineered plans.

Our experienced team or yours assemble on-site. Here we use green upcycled concrete as well, for a net-zero carbon footprint.