Swiss Bio Insulation

green building technology

Upcycling the insulation industry today

We decided to help re-make the industry by upcycling good material to be the best on the market.

Using well-established enviromental sustanable materials in an upcycled way we managed to re-invent insulation to a carbon-negative production that delivers -600kg/CO2 per ton insulation. This means that for each ton insulation we collect 600kg of C02 from the air into the material were it stays even after it´s been put back into recycling or nature.

Our insulation is 100% organic and natural, only heat, pressure and steam has used to release a natural glue inside the material to bond our insulation material together into sheets.

Upcycling material

All content in our insulation is upcycled material from the wood industry that is not used in traditional production.

Long lifespan

There is a lifetime warranty on our products. Traditional plastic insulation shrink and brakes down over time. Our insulation has been on the test for over 80 years and is without defects.

On demand supply

We produce in small batches when you order. This saves space and money as well as cutting down internal transportation. Together with planning we save on emissions and unnecessary space.

Zero carbons and more

Swiss Bio Insulation has a carbon emission of -600kg/ton. This means that the total production could easier reach a net-zero carbon emission goal.

Clean product

Our products are free from chemicals and emissions. They are great to use during production and during the buildings lifetime and for recycling.


We offer to recycle all Swiss Bio Insulation leftovers from you for free, whether it is material after a production or a re-build.